“Buying or selling real estate can be daunting, especially for first time home buyers.”

Peter Zinkovetsky, CEO at Instaclosing

About Us


Instaclosing is the first platform to integrate the power of artificial intelligence and technology into the real estate closing process. We're not just another real estate company – we're a game-changer. By combining AI-driven solutions with a user-friendly interface, we've transformed what was once a cumbersome and time-consuming process into a seamless and delightful experience. You don’t have to send contracts back and forth. Everything can be done electronically and instantaneously. You don’t have to do the mortgage and title insurance the old way any more because we’ve built our own technology.

Our current platform is already making waves in the industry, helping agents, buyers, and sellers, transition smoothly into technology's present. We've streamlined operations, minimized paperwork, and eliminated unnecessary stress. But we're not stopping here.

We're excited to lead the way into the future, pushing the boundaries of what's possible in real estate.

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